Course Documents
Formulas, Tables & Graphs A collection of formulas, tables, and graphs needed for solving the problems and assignments in the course. This document will be provided at the written exam.
Study Guide A collection of theory questions that give a good representation of the theory covered in the course. The theoretical part of the written exam will include questions from this document either as is or in slightly modified form.
Lecture Notes
Lecture 1 Chapter 1
Introduction to fluid mechanics - The concept of a fluid, Thermodynamics review
Lecture 2 Chapter 1
Introduction to fluid mechanics - Fluid flow and viscosity
Lecture 3 Chapter 2
Pressure in a Fluid - Hydrostatic pressure distribution, Bouoyancy
Lecture 4 Chapter 3
Integral Relations - Reynolds transport theorem
Lecture 5 Chapter 3
Integral Relations - Conservation of momentum, The Bernoulli equation
Lecture 6 Chapter 3
Integral Relations - The energy equation
Lecture 7 Chapter 4
Differential Relations - Continuity and Navier-Stokes
Lecture 8 Chapter 4
Differential Relations - The energy equation, Rotation and vorticity
Lecture 9 Chapter 5
Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Lecture 10 Chapter 6
Viscous flow in ducts - Laminar pipe flow
Lecture 11 Chapter 6
Reynolds decomposition
Lecture 12 Chapter 6
Viscous flow in ducts - Turbulent boundary layers
Lecture 13 Chapter 6
Viscous flow in ducts - Turbulent pipe flow
Lecture 14 Chapter 7
Flow past immersed bodies - Boundary layers
Lecture 15 Chapter 7
Flow past immersed bodies - The boundary-layer equations
Lecture 16 Chapter 7
Flow past immersed bodies - Turbulent boundary layers
Lecture 17 Chapter 7
Flow past immersed bodies - Separation, drag, and lift
Lecture 18 Chapter 9
Compressible Flow - Speed of sound, Isentropic flow
Lecture 19 Chapter 9
Compressible Flow - Normal shocks
Lecture 20 Chapter 9
Compressible Flow - Converegent divergent nozzle
Lecture 21 Chapter 9
Compressible Flow - Oblique shocks
Lecture 22 Chapter 9
Compressible Flow - Expansion waves
Lecture Series
Lecture Series All lecture notes in one document. Note that this is a large document (700+ slides, 70Mb) the printer friendly version (link to the right) does not include large images and movies, which means that the file size is reduced significantly (~4Mb)
Additional Lecture Material
Dimensional Analysis and Similarity Chapter 5 - Complementaory material
Flow in Non-circular Ducts Chapter 6 - Complementary material - Correction factors for non-circular ducts
The Boundary Layer Equations Chapter 7 - Complementary material - Derivation of simplified flow equations for boundary layer flows
Turbulence Chapter 6-7 - Complementary material - Turbulent flow theory
Huguniot equation Chapter 9 - Complementary material - Derivation of the Hugoniot equation - a relation of thermodynamic properties over a normal shock