Numerical simulation of boundary layer flows

In this assignment you will use a commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software called Star-CCM+. Two different simulations will be done. The first involves flow over a flat plate and you will extract data from the CFD simulation to compare with the analytical/empirical formulations for laminar and turbulent boundary layers. In the second task you will simulate the flow over a cylinder and compare the simulated flow field with data from an experiment.

  1. Read the instruction document (MTF053_CA2.pdf)

  2. Follow the detailed guide provided in this document to do two Star-CCM+ simulations.

    Simulation 1: flat plate boundary-layer flow
    download the following file: MTF053_CA2_Task-1.sim
    (a Star-CCM+ case definition file that initiates the solver for simulation 1)

    Simulation 2: flow around a cylinder
    download the following file:
    (a Star-CCM+ Java macro that sets up the postprocessing for simulation 2)

  3. Perform tasks and answer questions related to the two simulations

    1. Download the following file: MTF053_CA2.ipynb
      (a Jupyter NoteBook that contains the python code needed to do the assignment)
    2. Start Jupyter Lab:
    3. Upload the Jupyter NoteBook in Jupyter Lab
    4. Go through the assignment step by step in Jupyter Lab. Write down answers to questions in the Jupyter NoteBook. Derivations made using pen and paper or tablet can be included as photos/images in the Jupyter NoteBook.
    5. To download your modified Jupyter NoteBook, right click on the notebook file in the file tree on the left side of the Jupyter Lab user interface and click on download in the drop down menu.

Computer Assignment Instructions
MTF053_CA2.pdf instructions for computer assignment 2
Useful Data Files and Scripts
MTF053_CA2_Task-1.sim Star-CCM+ simulation file (starting point for the first simulation) java script that sets up postprocessing for case 2
MTF053_CA2.ipynb Jupyter Notebook
Related Documents
MTF053_C06.pdf lecture notes (chapter 6)
MTF053_C07.pdf lecture notes (chapter 7)
MTF053_Equations-for-Boundary-Layer-Flows.pdf equations for boundary layer flows
MTF053_Turbulence.pdf turbulence
MTF053_Formulas-Tables-and-Graphs.pdf formulas, tables, and graphs