In this assignment you will use a commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software called Star-CCM+. Two different simulations will be done. The first involves flow over a flat plate and you will extract data from the CFD simulation to compare with the analytical/empirical formulations for laminar and turbulent boundary layers. In the second task you will simulate the flow over a cylinder and compare the simulated flow field with data from an experiment.

Computer Assignment Instructions
MTF053_CA2.pdf instructions for computer assignment 2
Useful Data Files and Scripts
MTF053_CA2_Task-1.sim Star-CCM+ simulation file (starting point for the first simulation) java script that sets up postprocessing for case 2
MTF053_CA2_Blasius.txt Blasius velocity profile data
MTF053_CA2_LaminarBL.txt measured velocities obtained for a laminar flow over a flat plate at three axial positions
MTF053_CA2_TurbulentBL.txt measured velocities obtained for a turbulent flow over a flat plate
Related Documents
MTF053_C06.pdf lecture notes (chapter 6)
MTF053_C07.pdf lecture notes (chapter 7)
MTF053_Equations-for-Boundary-Layer-Flows.pdf equations for boundary layer flows
MTF053_Turbulence.pdf turbulence
MTF053_Formulas-Tables-and-Graphs.pdf formulas, tables, and graphs